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AllBeans Brazil

AllBeans Brazil operates in the agribusiness market for over thirty years.
Nowadays the company continues offering agricultural products from Brazil to the world, acting in the market of Pulses and grains  – brown eye beans, black eye beans, LSKB,  cowpea, splits, popcorn,chickpea, soybean container,  millet  and sunflower, among other products.
Through partnerships, AllBeans Brazil operates in South, Central and North America, like Argentina, Mexico and Canada. It also acts in the East countries, such as China, India and Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, to name a few. 
With a wide knowledge and wisdom in the process of exporting and importing grains, specially in containers, the company offers International Logistics, documental, sea freight and storage loads, monitoring the products and their quality, from the origin to the shipment at the Port.

The Founder

Jorge Kfouri is graduated in International Trade and he is the founding partner and C.E.O. of AllBeans Brazil and also founder of Kfouri Trading, acting in the market for over thirty years. Previously, he was on the coffee market and broker on the Stock Market.

His unique business knowhow came from his grandfather, lebanese, and his father as well. From the very beginning he was able to practice the principles of loyalty and honesty, resulting into good investments and long-term relationships.
“It was a real privilege the teachings and commercial experience with my arabic family . It is an honor to work with all the different cultures and countries around the world.”

Our Differential



Work commitment, responsibility and caring for long term relationships.


Deep knowledge in the business, suppliers, farms, traders, ports and customs process in Brazil as well as abroad.


Teamwork, flexibility and commitment.

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Always caring for long term relationships and friendship.